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Interviewing Deborah E

Recently I met someone who was commenting on how much they like the blog and reading all the interviews on the visual artists. She commented that she did not see any interview of me, the musician behind the blog. So, I thought I’d present you with one of the YouTube videos of me.

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6 Lessons in Love Courtesy of The Beatles

Your Grandma Betsy may have great advice to give you about love, but that doesn’t mean she’s the only source of guidance. You might be able to find love advice in some unexpected ways, like, oh I don’t know…listening to The Beatles. This legendary music group may be best known for bowl

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Choosing the Right Venue for Your Music Event

Performing at a great venue is extremely important for any band. Before you headline Glastonbury or fill the O2, you need to build a following and one of the best ways to do this is to start performing gigs at local venues that are popular and great for holding music events. Below are a few tips

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The Beatles Legacy

Every few years there is a singer or a band which taps into the public feeling perfectly and becomes an icon of the era. It’s impossible to think of the grunge movement of the early 1990s without thinking of Nirvana, of Britpop without naming Blur or Oasis, or disco without considering the

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5 Classic Paintings That Nobody Liked

5 Classic Paintings That Nobody Liked At The Time Everybody knows that the art world is a very fickle place. Many artists die poor and unappreciated, only to have their works sold for millions of dollars after their death. It might be said that some artists are simply too far ahead of their

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7 Most Popular Music Software and Apps

The Best Music Software and Apps With A Difference Composing music is something many of us are interested in, but it’s unfortunately not easy for all of us unless we have a band or an orchestra to bring our creations to life, or unless we can play an instrument and our composition only requires

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The Most Expensive Art Heists